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Giclee Prints Available

The term “giclee print” indicates an elevated level of print technology that provides better color accuracy than more common color ink printers. The prints are typically created using 8-12 color ink-jet printers. One advantage to this is the quality and durability of the production. The other is that the artist can print the picture in many different sizes from the original digital file. I print with Archival Ink, using an Epson 3800 9 color ink jet printer and high quality acid free Fine Art Paper. Each image can be printed in any desired size.

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Artistic Process

While taking a Photoshop class at Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3) in 2006, post retirement, one of the assignments was to create surreal images. Since I had a huge resource of digital images from several trips, I chose to use them for the assignment. It was creative, great fun, and instructive in the process of extraction and manipulation.

In the Forbidden City image, I combined the external view of the main gate with an overlay of a Dai child from Southern China and the red shoes of an elderly woman in yet another remote village. Her feet might have been bound when she was young. I liked the result of the combination of disconnected images.

When visiting Milan, Italy, I went to the upper level of the cathedral and took several pictures of the cathedral and the gargoyles emanating from the sides of the marble exterior. What a magnificent building! The surreal montage shows the cathedral and gargoyle, with the wing of the airplane flying over the Italian Alps.

Wenda Gu, a Chinese artist, had an exhibit at the Cornell University Johnson Museum of Art in 2007. The artist is known for his monumental hangings made from human hair and glue. The two montages pictured here contain a backdrop of his work that hung from the ceiling of the museum. He dyed some of the hair red and arranged it as calligraphy. One of the montages has an image of a female potter in China who was etching a design into a large flask. The other montage contains the Dragon Bridge in Southern China.

What does the Poas crater in Costa Rica have in common with a lotus? Nothing, but that is what makes this montage surrealistic. While visiting Anaheim and Los Angeles, I traveled to the desert and found a beautiful lake. To add to the surrealism, I placed an image of a Buddha in the lake.

Monet might not be pleased with the treatment of his pond, but it was fun to add a surreal aspect to the lovely scene. Carcasone is a walled city in Southern France. I combined images of food for sale, the outside of the walled city, and a sculpture from the Vatican City to complete this collage. There are also a few images of scanned negatives placed in discordant scenes.


Surreal Montages


   Surreal Montage    Surreal Montage    Surreal Montage    Surreal Montage

   Surreal Montage    Surreal Montage    Surreal Montage    Surreal Montage

   Surreal Montage    Surreal Montage    Surreal Montage    Surreal Montage

   Surreal Montage

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